Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Teamsters react to presidential debate

This Teamster supports President Obama.
Here he is checking into the debate last
night, at the president's invitation.
Teamsters who support Obama were happy to see him back in form last night. Here are some of the things they're saying about last night's presidential debate on Facebook:

Nancy Stinner: That was a great debate.... Things are back on track . Thank God!!

Teamsters Boston: We are watching the presidential debate...President Obama is sharp tonight and quicker to put Romney in his place than in the last debate. Does anyone watching this debate think that Willard Mitt Romney has our best interests in mind? Romney has made his million$ by shipping good american jobs overseas. President Obama is a man of integrity and has the back of working families. Let's re-elect him on November 6th.

Shawn Ellis: POTUS knocked this one out of park onto roof of Brooks Lumber.
(Detroit area sports fans over 40 years old will get the reference.)

Teamsters KY IN: Romney said he knows how to create jobs. To bad they are in China! Thats always been his way of doing things.

Cindy Wilkinson Shriner: Self-deport yourself, dipshit! Go to the Caymans and visit your money.

Rome Aloise: I am trying to watch this debate as evenly and unbiased as I can. But come on, anyone who can't see that Romney is a lying, phony son of a bitch must be blind, deaf and stupid! Anyone who smiles all the time they are talking can't be trusted. By the way, these debates are stupid and pretty much useless.

Bugwug Beighley: Romney so full of it , this SOB is the reason for Job loss he from Bain Capital no different from Clayton Dubilier Rice , Madison Dearborn, private investment companies. That killing Jobs in America. The blind trust bullshit he knows. Look we may or may not loos our job at VWR only time will tell and that's all good , I rather go down fighting these Romney likes then cave in just to have a job and loos my middle class. Obama already has my vote ......

Robin McNeil: President threw that 47 percent punch!!!!!!

Teamster Tweeters had a field night day during the debate: 

@erictheteamster: Hey @MittRomney,you can't accuse China of stealing our jobs when you're helping them load the goddamn truck. #sensata #debate

@TeamsterNYC: Malarkey. Just say it potus!

@Warden229John: Obama will lose debate even if he tells the truth 100 percent of the time. Both post-debate commentary on all networks have been total bull

@TopeteAlex: Romney "learned" about this issue when he was governor. So it wasn't an issue before that for him.. Ok buddy

@JimNichols: A Debate reflective of reality RT @LUpthegrove: Obama has totally won this debate. Romney is just depressing - no ideas to fix anything..