Saturday, October 27, 2012

Romney running for union-buster-in-chief

We've told you all about Mitt Romney's anti-union record and his promise to make union-busting a White House priority if he becomes president.

Today our friends at IBEW posted a video that shows just how proud Romney is of his crusade against working families.

From his commitment to kill project labor agreements to his desire to make right-to-work-for-less a national policy, Romney’s union-busting agenda is outlined brilliantly in the video – by Romney himself. His recorded comments were delivered last spring to the anti-union Associated Builders and Contractors. So unlike his more recent attempts to reinvent himself as a champion for the middle class two weeks before the election, the Romney in this video was comfortable.

The Transport Workers Union also has a great video it made last week which goes a little deeper, including Romney's repeated commitments to cut funding for Amtrak.

Check out IBEW's video. And if you know any union members out there who are planning to vote for Romney, ask them if they like being a union member.

Then ask them to watch this video.
                                                                             --Union Thug