Monday, October 15, 2012

Sensata board member gave Romney $655K

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A director of Sensata, the Bain-owned company that's sending 170 jobs to China, likes Mitt Romney so much he and his wife contributed more than a half-million dollars to his campaign.

That isn't the only money Romney gets from people who shop U.S. jobs to China. Romney still makes $450,000 (bit a typo) a week from Bain, which is shipping other jobs overseas as well.

The Sensata workers camped out in front of their factory (as it's being shuttered) discovered the nugget about the Sensata director in a USA Today report on Bain alumni:
Stephen Zide and his wife have contributed $655,000 (to committees supporting Mitt Romney).
Zide is on the board of Sensata Technologies, and owns at least a 10% share in the company, according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Sensata is the former sensors and controls division of Texas Instruments bought by Bain in 2006 for $3 billion. Now, it's laying off 170 employees at its Freeport, Ill., plant and moving the jobs to China.
It's pretty clear which side Mitt Romney's on.