Friday, October 26, 2012

Ohio Teamsters get their ground game on

In the last two weeks of this presidential election, it all comes down to the ground game. And nowhere is the ground game more important than the battleground state of Ohio.

For our brothers and sisters in Ohio, it's man-to-man combat persuasion.

Here Eric McKee, a union steward for Local 507 at Riser Foods, talks with Robert Moran, a union steward for Local 1164, at the Distillata work site. Work site visits are key to the Teamsters member-to-member efforts to turn out the vote for worker-friendly candidates on Nov. 6.

Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa visited work sites in Cincinnati, Toledo and Cleveland and led rallies in all three cities.

The Houston Chronicle reports that it's working:
...Team Obama ain’t giving out numbers of voter contacts and doors knocked. But when pollsters in Ohio asked voters if they have heard from the campaign: 
Heard from Team Obama in Ohio? 36%
Heard from Team Romney in Ohio? 29%
Matt Ford, political coordinator for Local 507, said he feels good about the outcome:
It's nothing like the midterms, more like 2008.  We can thank SB5 for uniting us against Republicans. That's the one silver lining of that legislation.