Thursday, October 25, 2012

'As unions go, so goes the middle class'

The video above is the short version of why collective bargaining needs to be protected. It's the latest 30-second commercial promoting Proposal 2, which protects collective bargaining in Michigan.

We received a longer, eloquent version today by way of a Teamsters Facebook post from Michael Mulally. It's of special interest to our brothers and sisters who work for Republic Services/Allied Waste. Writes Mulally:
A little factual information for everyone to consider as election day approaches, There has recently been attacks on workers rights throughout several states. Right to work laws, as well as laws aimed at stopping collective bargaining are, and will continue to help wither away at the middle class. Mitt Romney will try to put these same legislative attacks on workers on a federal level. 
Union vs Non Union.. I see, hear, feel, and live this debate everywhere. I personally believe there is no one more qualified to speak on this than myself. I have worked in the solid waste industry for over a decade. I have worked at both union and nonunion companies in the business. In my nonunion years, my employer cheated its employees out of millions of dollars by devising an elaborate, illegal payroll scheme. This resulted in that company losing a class action lawsuit in which they had to pay out $7 million dollars. Workers throughout Massachusetts were part of the class action, with the exception of one company location. That one location was UNION. You see, its not as easy to steal/defraud workers if those workers negotiate their compensation. 
So many people criticize unions, yet they have no idea what unions are all about. Unions workers get better pay and benefits because everything is negotiated through collective bargaining. Its that simple. If one employee asks his boss for a raise or improved healthcare, the boss is likely to say sorry I can't help you with that, even if the company is raking in the profits. However, if every single employee asks the boss for a raise or better healthcare, the boss now has to take that request seriously. 
Unions are by no mean perfect, but they are essential. Unions are responsible for a laundry list of laws, perks, and benefits that every American worker currently enjoys. Please stop the backward thinking of "Why should they get a pension?" or "Why shouldn't they pay for their health insurance?" Instead, ask yourself why you are NOT getting those things from your employers! Improve your own situation, rather than try to knock others down to your level! 
As unions go, so goes the middle class. This is a fact. If we elect candidates that continue to pass anti-union/anti-worker legislation, we will contine to eviscerate the middle class. A vote for Romney is a vote to do exactly that! 
Now should I win the lottery sometime in the next 2 weeks, this post will be deleted and you may see me at the polls holding a Romney sign.