Sunday, October 14, 2012

Support Sensata workers as Romney's co. moves their jobs to China

The American flag was taken down in front of a Bain-owned factory in Freeport, Ill., as management prepared to move to China, leaving 170 employees without work while benefiting Mitt Romney.

The flag was taken down while American employees trained their Chinese replacements.

The company, Sensata Technologies, is owned by Bain Capital. Romney still draws a paycheck from Bain, which he co-founded and led.

The New York Times reports Romney's $450,000-a-week income from Bain relies in part on shipping jobs to China:
Among the companies in which the Bain funds have invested is a global auto parts maker that is in the process of closing a factory in Illinois and moving most of the equipment and jobs to Jiangsu Province, where the Chinese government has built it a new plant; a Chinese electronics retailer accused by Microsoft of selling computers with pirated software; and a Hong Kong-based Chinese appliance maker that was sued for copying another company’s design for a deep-fat fryer.
Sensata workers at Bainport.
The Sensata workers aren't going down without a fight. They've set up an encampment called "Bainport" across from the plant. You can follow them at their blog, Greetings from Bainport.

They've asked to meet with Romney. You can guess the answer. Truthout tells us:

When asked if Romney would help these workers the Romney campaign says Romney will not do it: 
"Governor Romney has not worked at Bain Capital for over a decade, but for four years President Obama has been presiding over an economy that is creating too few jobs and sending more jobs overseas. Despite the President being invested in Sensata through his personal pension fund, and the government owning a major Sensata customer in GM, President Obama has not used his powers to help this situation in any way."— Curt Cashour, Romney Campaign Spokesman.

You can show your support for the workers by signing a petition here.