Sunday, October 21, 2012

Detroit Free Press spits in readers' faces, opposes Prop 2

This is a call to action, Michigan brothers and sisters! The Detroit Free Press today published an editorial against Proposal 2, which would protect collective bargaining rights for tens of thousands of the newspaper's readers.

The editorial staff didn't even bother to meet with the proposal's supporters.

This is the same paper that proudly published a column about Jim Leyland, manager of the pennant-winning Detroit Tigers. The column said,
Jim Leyland belongs in Detroit. He should stay in Detroit ... because he is perfect fit for this city, dyed in the wool of a working man's clothes, a former factory worker himself -- a former mailman, for pete's sake!
Hello ... do we have a disconnect here?

Or is the Free Press simply pretending to support working people?

Anyway, the Protect Working Families coalitions needs you to go to the Free Press's Facebook page here and post a comment objecting to their position.

Tell them their shoddy journalism let down Michigan families. Tell them they have no claim to fair coverage. Tell them the 700,000 people who signed the petition to put Proposal 2 on November’s ballot deserve to be heard. Tell them you're canceling your subscription. But tell them!

Once more, the Free Press Facebook page's url is