Monday, October 15, 2012

Correction: NY Teamsters donate weekly pay to fired brothers

One hour. We each give one hour per week.
We reported yesterday that our Teamster brothers from Local 584 in New York City voted to make a one-hour-of-pay-per-month contribution to support 42 Elmhurst Dairy members who were fired.

We were wrong. They voted to make a one-hour-of-pay-per-week contribution to support their brothers who were unjustly fired and replaced by cheaper workers.

Julio Montes
The photo above shows the members yesterday as they voted to give ONE hour a week to support their Elmhurst Dairy brothers. Until they get their jobs back, they'll be facing tough times. Julio Montes, for example, worked at the dairy since 2004 until he was fired last month. He supports his wife, who's on disability, and five daughters.

Arthur Stingo, a member of Local 584, was there doing the vote:
...amazing Teamsters when it came to it we stood as a Union. Nobody was divided.. In Union We Stand..!!!!
Brothers and sisters all over the country posted messages of support and admiration for the solidarity shown by Local 584 on the Teamsters Facebook page. Here are just a few:
Frank Mendiara Rock solid, guys. Way to go to bat for our brothers 
Nathan Tinsley Local 700 givin a shout out!!! 
Kevin M. Durant That's why we call ourselves a BROTHERHOOD we are family and family takes care of family. 
Edelmiro Rodriguez way to boys as always we set the stage for others to follow . its moments like that make me a proud teamster and have been for over 25 years 
Andrew Iglio ATTA boy guys local 282 
David Stover That's what us "thugs" each other out. Way to go from a brother in Local 173!
Joint Council 16 President George Miranda said the union will not tolerate that treatment by Elmhurst Dairy. The Teamsters are fighting to get their jobs back, and have filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board.

Stay tuned. And stay proud.