Thursday, October 25, 2012

Teamsters 'just practice' picketing nationally against Republic/Allied Waste

Local 377  'just practicing' picket in Youngstown today.
Local 350 at 3 a.m. in Daly City, Calif.
Teamsters who work at Republic Services/Allied Waste are today participating in nationwide “just practicing” picketing. The actions protest the company’s attempt to strip workers of their pensions and the company’s tactics of intimidation across the country. The national day of picketing is taking place in about 20 cities.

In May, the company locked out 80 members of Teamsters Local 215 in Evansville, Ind., for six weeks when the workers refused to accept the destruction of their pension. Out-of-town drivers damaged people’s homes, vehicles and even power lines during the lockout.

Local 991 just practicing in Pensacola.
The company is expanding its attacks on workers and their retirement security, which is why Teamsters across the country are standing together today.

They've held signs in the very early morning in Pensacola, Fla., in Fremont and Daly City, Calif. They marched behind banners in Youngstown, Ohio. They rallied today on the pavement in Revere, Mass., chanting "Stop the abuse! Respect workers!"

Local 25 rallies in Revere.
Yesterday, Teamsters wore stickers to show solidarity with Republic Services/Allied Waste's workers whose pensions under attack.

Republic earned $8.2 billion in revenues last year and increased its CEO’s total compensation from $6.6 million to $14.5 million. The CEO also has a $23 million death benefit if he dies or becomes disabled.

The Teamsters will not allow Republic to bully its workers who put their lives on the line every day to protect their communities’ public health.

Local 70 just practiced yesterday in Fremont, Calif. 
Follow the progress of the Republic Services/Allied Waste Teamsters on their Facebook page here. You can leave a message of solidarity and support. We guarantee it will be appreciated!