Saturday, November 10, 2012

Woot! Xpedx strike is over!

Great news! The 40-day Xpedx strike by Local 25 members in Wilmington, Mass., is over! The members got a 5-year contract,  with full pension and health benefits maintained. Connecticut's Xpedx members are covered on the same contract.

Sister Lynda Beaulieu-Fresolo, a striker, posted this exultant message on the Teamsters Boston Facebook page:
I am proud to be a member of the best union and the best local in the WORLD!
While strikers are happy to return to work, there's still some bitterness. One local restaurant drew Beaulieu-Fresolo's ire:
Just a reminder to my friends and Teamsters Boston brothers, sisters and families: Please do not eat at As Good As It Gets Cafe . They were the official scab food provider for the 40-day Xpedx strike. They crossed every day, every shift, to feed those pieces of crap who were in there replacing us, while we were out in the cold, picketing on a 24/7 line, to preserve good jobs.
The Country Chef Cafe is recommended as an alternative -- perhaps for a victory dinner?

Congratulations, brothers and sisters. And solidarity forever.