Monday, November 12, 2012

Homeless man robs a bank of $20, waits to go to jail

They know how to do it.

Yup, prison is now the poor man's retirement.

The Olympian tells this sad story:
A “down on his luck” 54-year-old transient is accused of robbing the Yelm Timberland Bank of a single $20 bill Wednesday afternoon, then leaving the bank, lighting a cigarette, and waiting or police to arrest him.... 
The man entered the bank about 4 p.m., wrote a note on a deposit slip and handed it to the teller. The note read, “This is a robbery, place all the twenties on the counter.” The teller looked at the man, and he said, “It’s real. Just do it now.” 
The teller opened the till drawer and placed all the $20 bills, totaling $200, on the counter. The man picked up a single bill and said, “I just want one.” He stepped back and said, “Go ahead, push your button.” He then walked outside and waited for police. 
When Yelm police arrived, the man placed the bill on the ground. Officers recognized him. He told one that he “had nowhere else to go.” While being taken to jail, he said, “I did it as nice as I could. It’s a poor man’s retirement.”
He should have stolen a billion dollars. Then he'd never go to jail.