Saturday, November 10, 2012

This is how we union thugs roll when a hurricane hits

Today on Staten Island, which got hammered by Sandy.
Teamsters today are answering the Red Cross's call to help distribute clean-up kits and supplies to victims of Hurricane Sandy. We're getting photos of Teamsters packing and loading supplies in New Jersey warehouses. They're also driving trucks and forklifts and shuttling volunteers all over the New York region.

This is a 24/7 operation. Brother William O'Bayley tells us he did the late shift last night, from 2am-4am!

UPS Teamsters were out in force, doing what they do best: Delivering!

Brother Roy Gillespie tells us the Teamsters are renting buses from Teamster employer Jofaz Busing, and Teamsters from Local 854 are driving them to help with the bulk distribution. At noon today, a Convoy of 12 trucks driven by Teamsters drove from the warehouse to hard-hit Rockaway. Another convoy of five trucks driven by Teamsters carried supplies to Staten Island.

Sister Bernadette Kelly is letting us know from which locals she's spotting Teamsters. So far the tally is  Locals 553, 707, 817, 210, 813, 804, 805 and 282.

Teamsters posted "How can I help?" on the Teamsters Facebook page. Some were given information on where to go or who to call. Those who lived too far away made donations to the Red Cross or the Teamsters Disaster Relief Fund.

Here's Demos Demopolous, secretary-treasurer of Local 553, giving out bleach, rubber gloves, sponges and contractor bags to residents of the Village of Lindenhurst, N.Y. at Shore Road Park, two blocks from the Great South Bay.

And here's Local 776's rig picking up supplies for Sandy victims in West York, Pa.

The Red Cross put together a great Flickr gallery here that gives you an idea of the scope of the operation.

Awesome work, union thugs! (Those Helpful Union Guys and Gals.)