Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Disabled vet, retired Teamster, needs YOUR help saving his home

Spain halted all foreclosure evictions after two people committed suicide when their homes were taken. It would be nice if Fannie Mae would do the same, especially given the dicey (and likely criminal) behavior of the financial institutions that loaned mortgages and then foreclosed on them.

Unfortunately Fannie Mae is ruthlessly forcing people from their homes -- including Mark Harris, a retired Teamster and disabled veteran of Desert Storm. He's trying to catch up on his payments, but Fannie Mae won't let him. He only has a few weeks left before he's forcibly removed from his home.

Teamsters Local 728 urges you to help.
Call and/or email Catherine "Candy" Lasher at 404-398-6901, and call and/or Andrew Wilson at 202-752-5168, Demand that they halt the eviction of Disabled Desert Storm veteran Mark Harris at 1164 Dunwick Drive, Avondale Estates, Georgia. Negotiate a deal that keeps Mark in the home. Georgia doesn't need another empty house, Georgia doesn't need another homeless veteran.
You can also sign a petition here.

Local 728 plans to raise some hell over this at Fannie Mae offices in Atlanta this afternoon. Stay tuned; they've promised us photos!