Monday, November 26, 2012

NY Teamsters protest unfair severance package from rehab center

These dedicated Teamsters who work with disabled patients will lose
their jobs on Dec. 31. 
(UPDATE: ADDS to graf 2 to include ask for mediator.)
Oh this is charming. A wealthy New York rehab center will lay off 60 of our Teamster brothers and sisters but won't pay for their health care while they're unemployed.

Right now, the Teamster social workers are holding a Health Walk outside the International Center for the Disabled (ICD) on 24th and 1st Ave. They say ICD management is hypocritical for abandoning its core mission -- health care -- for its own employees. They are asking for a mediator.

George Miranda, secretary-treasurer of Teamsters local 210, said:
ICD refused to deal with an issue at the core of the severance bargaining, which is health insurance coverage. In these times of economic uncertainty, workers need the security of knowing that their health care is taken care of while they are unemployed.
The press release states they've been in negotiations for weeks. And this:
ICD was the first out-patient rehabilitation center in the United States and provides a broad range of healthcare services to over 4,000 New York City residents per year. ICD receives most of its funding from the State and private sources such as, the Millbank Foundation. ICD sold its property located at 340 East 24th Street, for over $30,000,000. 
Over 70 staff members currently work at ICD, almost 60 are expected to be laid off as of December 31, 2012. The Teamsters represented workers are seeking a fair severance package in exchange for their year of dedicated service in the healthcare industry. 
“This is truly unjust”, said Vivian Zak, an LCSW social worker, “We ensure that our clients get the best care possible and this is what we get in return? It’s hypocritical of ICD’s mission and a callous way to treat us under the circumstances.” 
The union hopes that ICD will reconsider its position and get back to the bargaining table with a fair health insurance offer.
Stay strong, brothers and sisters!