Sunday, November 25, 2012

Say bye-bye to these 54 ALEC lawmakers

This is one satisfying list.

It includes 54 anti-worker, pro-corporate lawmakers who belonged to ALEC. Not anymore! They lost their campaigns for re-election, either on Nov. 6 or in a primary. Another five resigned, and five are still too close to call.

You will recall that ALEC is the corporate dating service for state legislators. (Hence the name, American Legislative Exchange Council.) These lawmakers put their names on bills written by corporations to gouge consumers, bust unions, strengthen monopolies and immunize corporations from lawsuits when they damage people or communities. In exchange, the lawmakers get lavish family vacations and introductions to deep-pocketed corporate donors.

Check this list to see if an ALEC representative from your state bit the political dust:


Former Senate President Russell Pierce, who was recalled in 2011, lost to Bob Worsley (R) in the August primary for State Senate District 25.
Rep. J. Ted Vogt (R-10) – lost to Stefanie Mach (D) and Bruce Wheeler (D)
Rep. Linda Collins-Smith (currently R-80) is running for state senate seat 19 – lost to David Wyatt (D)
Rep. Barry Hyde (currently D-40) is running for state senate seat 34 – lost to Jane English (R)
Rep. Cindy Acree (R-40) – lost to John Buckner (D)
Rep. Ken Summers (currently R-22) is running for state senate seat 22 – lost to Andrew Kerr (D)
Rep. Christopher Coutu (currently R-47) is running for state senate seat 19 – lost to Catherine Osten (D)
Rep. Peter Nehr (R-65): Defeated by Carl Zimmermann (D)
Rep. Scott Plakon (R-30): Defeated by Karen Castor Dentel (D)
Rep. Charlice Byrd (R-20) – lost to Michael Caldwell (D)
Rep. Judy Manning (R-34) – lost in the primary to Charles Gregory (R)
Rep. Sandy Cole – lost to Sam Yingling (D)
Rep. Casey Kozlowski (R-99) – lost to John Patterson (D)
Rep. Shawn Lindsay (R-30) – lost to Joe Gallegos (D)
Rep. Matthew Wand (R-49) – lost to Chris Gorsek (D)
Rhode Island
Rep. Jon D. Brien (D-50) – lost September primary to Stephen Casey (D)
Rep. Laurence Ehrhardt (R-32) – lost to Robert Craven (D)
Sen. Francis T. Maher, Jr. (R-34) – lost to Catherine Cool Rumsey (D)
South Carolina
Sen. Michael Rose (R-38) – lost primary to Sean Bennett (R)
South Dakota
Rep. Bob Deelstra (R-9) – lost in four-way race for a two-seat district to Paula Hawks (D) and Steve Hickey (R)
Rep. Mark Willadsen (R-11) – lost in a four-way Primary for two ballot spots to Jim Stalzer (R) and Christine Erickson (R)
Rep. Dale Ford (R-6) – lost to James Van Huss (R) in the August primary
Rep. Julia Hurley (R-32) – lost to Kent Calfee (R) in the August primary
Rep. Debra Young Maggart (R-45) – lost to Courtney Rogers (R) in the August primary
Rep. Johnny R. Montgomery (R-12) – lost to Dale Carr (R) in the August primary
Rep. Wayne Christian (R-9) – lost to Chris Paddie (R) in the primary
Rep. Rob Eissler (R-15) – lost to Steve Toth (R) in the primary
Rep. Vicki Truitt (R-98) – lost to Giovanni Capriglione (R) in the primary
Rep. Mike Armstrong (R-12): Lost to Brad Hawkins (R)
Rep. Roger Rivard (R-75) – lost to Stephen Smith (D)
Rep. Joseph Knilans (R-44) – lost to Debra Kolste (D) 
Rep. Evan Wynn (R-43) – lost to Andy Jorgensen (D)
Rep. Charles P. Childers (R-50): Defeated in August GOP primary by David Northrup.
Rep. Clarence J. Vranish (R-49): Defeated in August GOP primary by Garry Piiparinen

In addition, these five resigned:
Sen. William Hamrick (R-30) – resigned from seat
Rep. Ken A. Roberts (R-8) – withdrew from race in July
Rep. Susan Mosier (R-67) – resigned in February 2012
Sen. Tom Jensen (R-21) – withdrew from the race in August 
South Dakota
Sen. Todd Schlekeway (R-11) – pulled out of the race in June