Monday, April 8, 2013

Mo. union members go door-to-door to fight ALEC No Rights At Work bill

(UPDATES with link to Facebook photo gallery.)

A Missouri state lawmaker and ALEC stooge is pushing a No Rights At Work bill through the Legislature.

Rep. Eric Burlison uses ALEC's corporate escort service, presumably to raise campaign funds and to take free vacations. As payment, Burlison has maneuvered an ALEC No Rights At Work bill through a House committee.

Union members called on Burlison's neighbors over the weekend to tell them the bill is bad for all working people. Their message: Working people in Right to Work states make less money.

KY 3 reports:
Members of "We Are Missouri" canvassed several Springfield neighborhoods on Saturday--all in Representative Burlison's district,--to campaign against the legislation. 
They say if it passes, it could make it harder on all workers in Missouri, not just public employees. 
"What we've seen, in state after state when right to work legislation is passed is that working people, whether they belong to a union or not, whether they have a job that's represented by a union or not, working people in right to work states make less money," said union volunteer Bradley Harmon.
Watch the video report here. View the Facebook photo gallery here. And stay tuned.