Thursday, April 18, 2013

Teamsters' 3rd strike against Republic spreads to 4 Calif. cities

This morning in Fremont, Calif.
The Teamsters' strike against Republic/Allied Waste entered its fourth week today as Teamsters honored picket line extensions from striking Memphis-area workers in four California cities.

Teamsters are honoring picket line extensions in Fremont, San Jose, Richmond and just now, a transfer station in Los Angeles. That brings the number of cities where Teamster pickets have been set up against Republic to 25. For now.

Meanwhile, Republic's biggest shareholder, Bill Gates, appears to be focused on the invention of a next-generation condom rather than the labor unrest and environmental violations caused by his own company.

Retired Teamsters and members of other locals are joining members of Teamsters Local 984 from Memphis on the line at a San Jose hauling yard and recycling facility. Members of Local 350 are refusing to cross. Members of Local 396 are honoring the line at a transfer station in Los Angeles. Teamsters from local 315 won't cross the line at Republic's West County Resource Recovery recycling facility in Richmond. And in Fremont, members of Local 70 are honoring the picket line at Republic's hauling yard.

Retirees and Teamsters in San Jose. 

According to the press release:
The Memphis-area workers began their unfair labor practice strike on April 16 ... Republic broke federal law when it suddenly started cutting the paychecks of commercial and recycling drivers. Some workers began losing up to $200 per week in their paychecks when the company made this unilateral change. The company also broke federal law when it began spying on its workers and their union representatives. 
Workers at two other Republic facilities in the United States are also on unfair labor practice strikes. Members of Teamsters Local 377 in Youngstown, Ohio went on strike on March 27, and members of Teamsters Local 728 in McDonough, Georgia went on strike on April 15.
 Stay strong, brothers and sisters!