Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The hits (on workers) keep coming in MO, time to take action

At Monday's rally in St. Charles.
The corporate stooges who dominate Missouri's legislature are back in action today, pushing anti-worker bills such as paycheck deception, No Rights At Work and weakening prevailing wage laws.

Randy Turner gives us an update at The Turner Report:
Despite the fact that there has been absolutely no call from workers for their paychecks to be "protected," the House Workforce Development and Workplace Safety Committee is scheduled to vote today on SB 29, the so-called "Paycheck Protection" bill. 
The bill, sponsored by Sen. Dan Brown, R-Rolla, adds numerous paperwork requirements for union political contributions. For the most part, it is a continuation of the Republican attack on teacher unions and an effort to diminish their power in Missouri. 
The bill specifically exempts unions representing police and firefighters, which would indicate that the GOP supporters of the bill do not think that their paychecks need to be "protected," just the teachers who might have the common sense to stand in the way for educational "reform" and other nonsense that is being pushed on the state.
Missourians, write or call your elected representatives to tell them. It's easy. Just follow this link here.