Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Woo-hoo! Another Teamster organizing victory in FL!!

Please give a warm welcome to our 41 new brothers and sisters who voted to become Teamsters on Tuesday as part of Local 769 in Miami. They are employees at a UPS Supply Chain Solutions facility in Doral.

Mike Scott, president of Local 769, said he is very proud to welcome the newest members of the local:
The workers turned to us for help and we look forward to providing them with the best representation possible to improve their working conditions and attain the respect they deserve.  
I would also like to thank the Teamsters Organizing Department for their instrumental role in this successful campaign.
The workers are seeking fair wages and more affordable health care.

Juan Nunez, an 11-year member, said the victory has been a long time coming.
We are very excited about this victory. We are seeking equal treatment and benefits as our UPS Teamsters brothers and sisters who are already represented by Teamsters Local 769.
The workers remained strong and united in their campaign to become Teamsters.

Local 769 represents hundreds of workers at six UPS facilities in Miami. However this is the first UPS Supply Chain Solution facility to be organized.