Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Teamsters, again, to shield a Boston Marathon victim's funeral from Westboro Baptists

Protecting Krystle's mourners from hate.
Boston Teamsters will again form a human shield to prevent the Westboro Baptist Church hate group from disrupting Wednesday's funeral for slain MIT officer Sean Collier. The group said it plans to picket theservice tomorrow.

More than 1,000 Boston Teamsters, union members and concerned citizens lined the streets of Medford, Mass., yesterday to serve as human shields blocking the Westboro hate group from picketing and disrupting the funeral of Krystle Campbell, who was killed in the Boston Marathon bombing last week. The demonstrators did not dare show their faces.

Sean O'Brien, President of Teamsters Local 25 in Boston and international vice president, said today in a statement:
We will protect the mourners of the Boston Marathon bombing victims from hate group disruptions. I am committed to making certain that the loved ones of the victims can grieve in peace. We will not stand by and allow these cowardly demonstrators to spout their hate toward these families.
O'Brien made it clear that Boston Teamsters will be at the funeral of officer Sean Collier on Wednesday to ensure that the Westboro hate group is hidden from mourners.

Said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa:
This is what the Teamsters Union is about, it's what we do. I could not be more proud of Sean O'Brien and the Boston Teamsters for standing with these families during this tragic time.
Members of Local 25 who came to Medford yesterday said they just wanted to help. Jason  Jason Lopes, steward at Stop and Shop, said:
When we heard someone was needed to stand up for Krystle, we answered the call. This is what Teamsters do. This is what unions are for.
 Adam Strout, an 18-year member at UPS in Watertown:
I just hope this show of solidarity helps Krystle’s family in their time of grief.
Lynda Beaulieu, a 17-year member at Xpedx in Wilmington:
Krystle’s mom and brother are both union members and all of us are part of one big union family. We help each other out when we need it.
Proud to be a Teamster!