Monday, April 15, 2013

Rave reviews for Teamster business agent training

Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa speaks to new business agents.
The International Brotherhood of Teamsters prides itself on the training provided on all aspects of union administration to local leaders, political directors, business agents, organizers and stewards. The Training & Development Department trained 32 new business agents in Washington last week, all of whom gave the session high marks for helping them in their work.

The 5-day session trained the BAs in bargaining, time management, member-building skills, communication, arbitration and negotiation of contracts. They learned about Teamster history and about the resources available to them through the international. And they got a hands-on lesson in political activism on Thursday, when they walked over to Capitol Hill and met with their representatives. The BAs urged members of Congress to vet every word of the Trans-Pacific treaty for its impact on American families and get rid of every special deal for corporations.

Here's what the BAs said about the training.
Time management -- collective bargaining -- arbitration were just the top three. This entire course is exactly what every business rep. needs -- a course like this in the beginning of their career. 
As a new BA it was reassuring to know that I don't have to go at this alone. I have a support system I can rely on. 
I've learned, throughout the entire negotiating and collective bargaining timeline, that having your membership behind you the whole way is key to being effective. 
It was good to not only see the process of lobbying, but it also was good to actually participate in the process.
Proud to be a Teamster!