Friday, April 12, 2013

Woo-hoo! Another Teamster organizing victory in PA!

Please welcome our new brothers and sisters who voted 96-56 to join Local 384 in Norristown, Pa., despite a vicious anti-union campaign by the county government. They are case workers for the Chester County Department of Human Services.

Chester is the wealthiest county in the Philadelphia area, but the case workers are the lowest paid in Pennsylvania. The county spent untold amounts of taxpayer money to hire an anti-union firm that used union-busting tactics to intimidate the case workers. The county had successfully defeated an organizing campaign by this same group two years ago.

Michael Bonaduce, Teamsters Local 384 president, said it was a long campaign, but their union-busting tactics didn't work this time around.
Through the commitment and focus of this outstanding group of workers, the good guys won this round.
It was the lack of respect for their contributions to the community that led to the second try at organizing with Local 384 in October.

Will Cloud, a case worker for the Children, Youth and Family department in Human Services, said the county's intimidation tactics weren't going to work a second time.
We are grateful for all the support the Teamsters have given us and are thrilled to finally have a voice on the job.
The 162 members work for five departments that fall under Chester County Human Services: Aging, Children, Youth and Families, Drug & Alcohol Services, Youth Center and Mental Health/Intellectual Developmental Disabilities.

Welcome, all, to our great union!