Thursday, April 11, 2013

What real union people really say about the Teamsters at US Airways

US Airways mechanics shared their concerns about the total lack of representation under the IAM during General President Jim Hoffa's visit to Charlotte on Wednesday.

“There is no union presence, there is no sense of pride,” said Blake Silverstein from Philadelphia, describing the IAM’s poor representation.

Silverstein said he is working hard to form a union with the Teamsters so that workers will have someone backing them up on the job to fight outsourcing and to implement a strong grievance procedure. Right now, under the IAM, workers do not have an effective grievance procedure to challenge unfair management decision, Silverstein said.

"Now is the time for it--I really believe we can become Teamsters," he said.

We posted to Facebook a photo of Teamster General President Jim Hoffa talking to the crowd in Charlotte. We got lots of positive comments, such as:
Kenney Hamilton
More benefits to organized labor than dollars and cents, you have a voice which you need so badly today. 
Garrett Tuttle
Organize Organize Organize
strong members strong Union
TEAMSTERS our members our Union! 
Jacob Hoss
You are a great American, Mr Hoffa. I'm starting to wish you were President of more than just the Teamsters Union. 
Greg Head
No Doubt ! I'm retired Tractor Trailer Mechanic that organized a contract with Local 247 in Detroit , for the Mechanics in a Trucking Co. That only the Drivers were members of 247. Without us 'Mechanics' they didn't have a Job or come home to there Family's alive ! Same goes for your loved ones at 30,000 feet in the Air ! You better take of those on Ground that maintain these Aircraft and much deserving of Fair wages , decent health care and collective bargaining without Any questions or Doubt !!! Good Luck My Brothers !!! ' Take care of those on the Ground' I meant to Say. 
Linda Singh
Go Teamsters, keep unionizing for workers. 
Norman Glenn
unions are like the n.r.a. if it wasnt for them us working stiffs wouldnt have anything. 
Lamont Ellis
I'm an organizer for Local 705... That's good news for all Us airways/ American airlines workers... Welcome brothers & SISTERS...