Tuesday, April 23, 2013

'When those 18-wheelers pulled up in front of the church, that was a statement'

Teamsters and union members formed a human shield against hate.

Teamsters Local 25 President Sean O'Brien received this email following the funeral of Krystle Campbell, a Boston Marathon bombing victim. More than a thousand Teamsters and union members formed a human wall to protect mourners from a disruptive hate group.

We love the email and want to share it with you.
Dear President O'Brien, 
  Good morning. I wanted to take the opportunity to recognize your people, Teamsters Local 25 Boston. I know you must be a busy man, I'll keep it as brief as possible. 
 On Monday morning, I went to Medford to stand in your "Human Wall" and show support for, and preserve the dignity of the funeral service for our fallen fellow American and Bostonian, Krystal Campbell. 
   I'm a retired military man, and in my time in uniform, I've seen, and have participated in some pretty impressive gatherings of "Command Presence". But when those 18-wheelers pulled up in front of that church on Monday morning, that was a statement, to say the least. I was proud to be part of that crowd, to stand among your team members, many and rather large. What are you feeding those guys, anyway? I was reminded - I think everyone there was, especially the family and friends of Krystal on the other side of the street -  that no cowardly act of terrorism will ever break the American spirit, that no people can hold Boston down. 
  Maybe you'll do me a favor and get these words down to your troops on the front line. Forward the email, post it, or ultimately, read it as an opener at your next gathering, to set the tone and let your people know that the logo they wear on their shirts and paint on those trucks means a hell of a lot more to the citizens of this country and this great city than they can imagine. Should that be the case, should your people be listening to these words right now, give yourselves a well-deserved round of applause, 25, make some noise. 
   I'm not a big name with a power title. But I AM an AMERICAN, and I AM a BOSTONian - 2 of the proudest titles I've ever held, for life until death, Monday's display is why, and it's a good feeling to know that should the integrity of either is ever threatened, 25, their 18-wheelers, and their Patriots will have a little something to say about that, no matter who or where I am. 
  Good job, 25. A class act. 
  ... and God help anyone who fucks
  with any of the 4!! 
- Bill
Lifetime Teamsters Local 25 fan 
p.s. - Sorry about the profanity, it's necessary emphasis, and if Big Papi can cuss on television, I guess I can.
Tomorrow, Teamsters will perform the same duty for the memorial service of slain MIT officer Sean Collier.