Friday, August 24, 2012

Woo-hoo! Organizing victory for Allegiant Air pilots

Please welcome our new Teamster pilots at Allegiant Air! The approximately 350 pilots voted yesterday to join the Airline Professionals Association (APA), Teamsters Local 1224 in Wilmington, OH.

According the the press release, the pilots voted to join the Teamsters to negotiate fair work rules, improved scheduling, better benefits and job security.

This is a big win for the Allegiant pilots and for the Teamsters Airline Division, said Airline Division Director Capt. David Bourne:
This election is a major victory for Allegiant Air pilots. The Teamsters Union stands ready to assist these pilots in securing their future with Allegiant Air.
APA Local 1224 is thrilled to have the Allegiant pilots join its family of flight crew members at nine other airlines. Said the Local's president, Daniel C. Wells:
We look forward to representing the pilots of Allegiant Air as they begin negotiating their first contract. But even beyond the scope of representation, we are excited about their future participation and professional contributions to our local and the Teamsters.
Traey Ligget, an International Representative with the Airline Division, commended the pilots' hard work and committment to organizing, calling them "true unionists."

As one Allegiant pilot said after the victory was announced,
The pilots of Allegiant have spoken and chosen to be represented by the Teamsters. We look forward to working with management to build a career airline and strong company. We also thank the Teamsters Airline Division, Local 1224 and the 1.4 million Teamsters for their continued support.

-- Union Thug