Friday, August 10, 2012

Inspiring solidarity for striking Davis Wire Teamsters

Teamsters Local 117 thanks the elected officials and political candidates who are supporting striking Davis Wire mill workers. They've walked the strike line, they've carried picket signs and they've brought food to the strikers. A message on Local 117's website reads:

Your support has been inspiring and helped build hope that the company will do the right thing and treat its workers fairly.
It also shows that many of our political leaders do indeed care about labor and are willing to take to the front lines to fight to improve conditions for working families.
Our heartfelt thanks to the following candidates and elected officials:
House Majority Leader, Representative Pat Sullivan (47th LD)
Representative Dave Upthegrove (33rd LD)
Representative Tina Orwall (33rd LD)
Representative Bob Hasegawa (11th LD)
Senator Craig Pridemore (49th LD)
Senator Conway (29th LD)
Bud Sizemore (47th legislative district candidate)
Geoff Simpson (former Representative of the 47th LD)
Bobby Virk (11th legislative district candidate) - THANK YOU FOR PROVIDING MULTIPLE MEALS!
Rich Hildreth (former Mayor of the City of Pacific)
Dana Kronick Ralph, Kent City Council
Joe Fitzgibbon (34th LD)
Mike Sells (38th LD)
Zack Hudgins (11th LD)
Here's how you can help your striking brothers and sisters:
Donate to the Davis Wire ONE MORE DAY FundCome down to the strike line at 194th & 80th Ave. S. in Kent and walk the picket line (workers are picketing 24/7; help is especially needed evenings and weekends)
Bring coffee, water, soda, wood, or food (the healthier the better!) down to the line
Drive by and honk and wave to show your support