Saturday, August 11, 2012

Teamsters holding the line for the middle class in Philly

Teamsters holding the line for the middle class in Philly.
The energy in Philadelphia is "incredible," The AFL-CIO tweets:
"@bctdprez: The Energy here in hometown of Philly is incredible. 20k plus union brothers and sisters here to rally for Amer workers!! #WS4A
@MikeElk, a reporter for In These TImes, estimates there are 25,000 people in Philly right now, marching, chanting, listening to speeches.
Sen. Bob Casey, a good friend of the middle class, is there renewing his commitment to the Second Bill of Rights.
Organized Working people built and will continue to build the middle class. At #ws4a rally
Leann Bosquez, who went from a high-paying job to unemployment, is also speaking today. @WorkersStand4America tells us:
Bosquez: "I'm sick of politicians saying the unemployed are lazy..the last thing I am is lazy" #ws4a #1u 
Bosquez: "Median wage of future is 35,000 a year. That's not enough to support a family." #ws4a 
Leann: "isn't it time our politicians support policies that create #jobs at home, instead of overseas?" #ws4a 
Bosquez: "We truly need a 2nd Bill that includes a right to a job." #ws4a #1u
And we especially like a tweet from Liz Shuler, secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO, about IBEW President's Ed Hill's speech:
Ed Hill @IBEW kicks off @Workers4America rally in Philly. "We need to look out for one another - that's why we're here" #ws4a