Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hoffa on Ed Show: 'Probably the most anti-labor slate you've ever seen'

Paul Ryan is an outsourcer, he's not a fighter for workers, he's not a fighter for the middle class.

So said Ed Schultz last night on The Ed Show.

Appearing on the show, Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa said Paul Ryan is worse than that. Hoffa called him "unbelievably anti-labor," noting he had voted against extending unemployment insurance, opposes OSHA, opposes fair pay for women who do equal work and voted against the Bring Jobs Home Act.
I have never seen a ticket like this...It's clear that they want to keep down the workers, make sure they can't have unions...they resent everything that's been done that helps the average worker out there...They basically want to keep down working people and people that are trying to make it in America. And they want it all and they don't want us to have anything.
Watch the whole thing.