Monday, August 20, 2012

Rave reviews for Ohio Teamsters 'Meet the Candidates' picnic

"Come out to Teamsters Local 436 to meet the candidates, bring your family and enjoy some hot dogs and snacks as well as some good old-fashioned union brotherhood," said the "Meet the Candidates of Northeastern Ohio" Facebook Event page.  

The picnic was a great success, according to Matt Ford, political coordinator for Local 507. It was held Saturday at the union hall in Cleveland. We learn from Local 436's Facebook page,
We couldn't have asked for a better day Saturday, nice crowd, candidates, and brotherhood! Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make this event special!
Props to Brother Fred Crow, who organized the event, and Brother Bill Lichtenwald, president of the Ohio Conference of Teamsters, who sponsored it, along with DRIVE (have you made your pledge yet?). We understand Brother Lichtenwald gave one helluva speech.

Anthony Fossaceca, candidate for Ohio House 6th district, posted on Facebook that he was grateful for the hot dog:
Great job, Fred! Thanks for the invitation. The hot dog was the only meal I ate today! Too many doors to hit.
Fossaceca also posted a photo of U.S. Rep. Betty Sutton speaking to the crowd. Sutton is a Teamster BFF and a solid opponent of job-killing trade deals. She faces a challenge in her newly formed 16th district. We note another Teamster BFF, Rep. Marcy Kaptur, spoke to the group. Like Sutton, Kaptur is with us all the way on trade.

Bill O'neil having a good day.
Bill O'Neil, candidate for Ohio Supreme Court, posted a photo of himself with a sister from the UAW. His comment:
You know you are having a good political day when you meet the autoworkers at the teamster's hall
Other pro-worker, pro-middle-class candidates who were invited to mingle with the union brother- and sisterhood included:
State Rep. Mike Foley, 14th districtState Rep. Nickie Antonio, 13th district
State Rep. Bob Hagan, 60th districtMatt Trafis, Seven Hills City CouncilMichael Kilbane, City Council President Fairview ParkCullen Sweeney, candidate for Cuyahoga County Common Please judgeBrian Keith Ousley, Brunswick City Council
Mike Skindell, state senator, 23rd district, also candidate for the Ohio Supreme CourtSteve Gall, candidate for Cuyahoga County Common           Pleas judgeLesley DeSouza, Parma Heights City Council 
From the photos, we notice Cuyahoga County Democratic Chairman Stuart Garson was there, as well as Ohio House candidate Matt Lark and Juvenile court judicial candidate John Michael Ryan.

There were also lots of cool cars...