Monday, August 20, 2012

This is what we union thugs do for disabled children

We organize a day of offroading and fun for 142 disabled children at the summer camp we support financially.

According to a translation of the posting (in French) on the Teamsters Canada website,
Dozens of volunteers and the Quad Club Hikers have agreed to meet on July 7 to organize a day for offroading for 142 disabled children at Camp Papillon. 
This was the fifth annual day offroading and a video was made to mark the anniversary. 
Camp Papillon is a vacation site for disabled children and respite for parents. It is located around Lake Pierre, 40 kilometers north of Joliette. The Teamsters Union contributes financially to the camp and has raised nearly $500 000 for 25 years through the Teamsters Quebec Open. 
In addition to mountain biking, children were delighted by clowns, mascots, magicians and makeup artists. 
"There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the smiles of these children, said Alain DeGrandpr√©, president of Joint Council 91 of the Teamsters Union. It was a magical moment for them, but also for us." 
Alain DeGrandpr√© has also paid tribute to the participation of all volunteers and especially Andr√© Paquin of Local 106 who is the organizer of the event. 
"This is our way of making a small difference in the lives of these children, said the unionist. But children are also a big difference in ours."
And remember, "thugs" stands for "those helpful union guys and gals."