Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Teamster letter to editor takes down Michelle Malkin

That's for sure
Props to our brother Ed Dini, a member of Local 249, who got his letter published in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The newspaper had recently run an absurd column by Michelle Malkin. Following Fox News' lead, she distorted Teamsters General President Hoffa's Labor Day speech in which he said we need to vote the Tea Party out of office. Malkin claimed he was inciting violence by saying we need to "take out" the Tea Party. Only by doctoring his remarks -- which Fox did -- could that interpretation be made.

Anyway, here's the letter.  
As a 20-year Teamsters member (Local 249), I was disgusted by the column "How Obama protects Teamsters" (Sept. 12 and, which is unfortunately typical of Michelle Malkin, a nasty apologist for extremist billionaires who think workers make too much money and they don't make enough.
As is often the case with tea party spokespeople, Malkin is guilty of exactly what she accuses others of doing. She calls Teamsters President James Hoffa "uncivil," accuses him of "street-gang authenticity" and calls union members "goons."
She will never call out Wall Street billionaires or corporate CEOs, no matter how guilty they are of wrongdoing. She has never expressed concern about the inequality that is destroying our country. And she will never defend organizations that support workers' rights. That's because her mission is to protect the oligarchs who sign her paycheck and to smear anyone who dares to criticize them.
Malkin has long been protected and supported by anti-worker billionaires like the Koch brothers. She worked for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a so-called "think tank" funded by the Koch brothers, the Coors heirs and the Bradley brothers, one of whom founded the John Birch Society along with Fred Koch. She gains further exposure from billionaire Rupert Murdoch, whose right-wing media empire is under investigation for hacking into a murdered woman's voice mail.
Malkin is a provocateur in today's class warfare, and she's not on the side of working families.