Thursday, September 29, 2011

Send Elizabeth Warren a thank-you note

More than half a million people have viewed this youtube video in the past two weeks. That's what's known as going viral.

Predictably, the propaganda machine funded by giant corporations and the heirs of billionaires is striking back. Just google "elizabeth warren" and "job creators." You'll find crap like this:
The rich will be just fine if we raise their taxes; they’ll still be rich, but in the aggregate will invest less money in our economy. The resulting reduction in job-creating investment, however, will punish workers and those who desperately want and need to become workers again.
Right. That's exactly why U.S. corporations are sitting on $2 trillion worth of cash after firing 2.9 million American workers and hiring 2.4 million workers overseas in the past decade. 

You can show you agree with Elizabeth Warren by signing the petition here. It says,
Thank you for standing up for progressive values, and for showing other Democrats how to fight against the Republicans' 'class warfare' nonsense.