Monday, September 26, 2011

MO protests Chris Christie prez campaign visit

New Jersey's Gov. Gone Wild, Chris Christie, is touring three states in anticipation of a possible run for president. Or at least that's what the mainstream media is reporting. According to Bloomberg News,
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who is urging Republican presidential candidates to take a harder line on spending and debt, began a national round of speeches and fundraising today as party donors urge him to reconsider a White House run in 2012.
Christie, 49, has been getting calls from party leaders and executives since Texas Governor Rick Perry stumbled in a nationally televised debate on Sept. 22...
The Fired Up! Missouri blog posted this photo of the reception Christie got today in Missouri:

Along with the comment,
It looks like some people in Missouri have also been paying attention to his actions in New Jersey.
Another Gov. Gone Wild, Indiana's Mitch Daniels, is also being touted as a possible presidential contender. Pundits are noticing that Christie and Daniels share similarities: attacking unions, slashing funding for essential state services and "reforming" education. Here's an alarming tidbit about Daniels' education "reform" in Indiana:
Daniels has already dramatically introduced enough competition in education that some public schools are now advertising on billboards.
Actually, Daniels and Christie share similarities with ALL governors and state lawmakers affiliated with ALEC, the legislative roach motel Koch-funded American Legislative Exchange Council. In a letter to the editor of the Syracuse Post-Standard, reader George Wojtowycz on Friday warned "Beware corporate goals of group called ALEC."
Basically, it is a group of corporate executives and state legislators who are in each other’s pockets, and draft “model legislation,” whose only purpose is to help the corporate bottom line. These prototypes of legislation serve as the bases of many state bills that are entered into state legislatures for enactment into law as if they were independently conceived ideas.
People all over the country are paying attention to corporate-funded governance, it seems.