Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jobs protests annoys Republicans on Capitol Hill

The Town Car did not belong to the protesters.
A well-dressed, pampered young woman, probably a congressional staffer, was shouting into her cell phone yesterday afternoon as she walked up Capitol Hil. 

"There were protesters on the sidewalk in front of the Capitol Hill Club," she yelled. "I had to walk into the bushes and I got mosquito bites all over my legs. I HATE PROTESTERS!!"

The Capitol Hill Club is formally known as "The Republican Club of Capitol Hill." Here's a description:
...a refined and elegant environment for your business, political, and social activities....members of the Capitol Hill Club have included the nation’s most influential people – Presidents and Vice Presidents, GOP Members of Congress, Governors, state party leaders and influential Republicans everywhere...
Outside the club entrance, a dozen poncho-clad protesters marched in a circle chanting, "E-RIC CAN-TOR PASS THE BILL!" On the back of their cheap rain gear they had scrawled in ink: "Pass the Jobs Bill Now" and "JOBS."

Watching the protesters were a handful of police officers, a sniffer dog and dozens of annoyed-looking people in business attire.


TeamsterNation jumped into the protest and asked, "Who are you guys with?" "Our DC," said the protester. (Our DC is a nonprofit group that tries to bring good jobs to the District of Columbia.)

"You're really ticking off the Hill Rats," we said.

"I know," said the protester, smiling.

"Keep up the good work," we replied.