Friday, July 8, 2011

Chase jails man for cashing legit Chase check

This story will turn your blood to steam. A Washington state branch of JPMorgan Chase ordered a construction worker arrested because he tried to cash a cashier's check issued by JPMorgan Chase.

His name is Ikenna Njoku. Apparently a teller just didn't like his looks. So she gave him the runaround, took his driver's license and the check and disappeared. When he returned the next day to get his money, the police were waiting for him and threw him in jail. For five days. His car was impounded and sold and he lost his job.

KING 5 in Seattle has the whole story:
A Seattle attorney offered to help. Last week, Felix Luna sent Chase a scathing letter. ...
“It’s one thing to make a mistake,” Luna said. “It’s one thing to make multiple errors of judgment like Chase has made and then, once you realize that your error has caused such harm to somebody else, to just ignore it for a year. I think he deserved better. I think all their customers do.”

Like Njoku, KING 5 had a difficult time getting answers from Chase. A week after first contacting them, they sent a two line e-mail.
The. Banks. Are. Too. Big.