Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sha Na Na singer to phone bank in WI recall

We're not kidding. Sha Na Na lead singer Bowzer will be phone banking in Oshkosh tonight. We assume he'll be dialing on behalf of Oshkosh Deputy Mayor Jess King. She's challenging randy Sen. Randy Hopper, the adulterous, tax-avoiding Republican who supports Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker's efforts to turn middle-class workers into serfs. The recall election for Hopper and five other Republican state senators is on Aug. 9.

King has a small lead over Hopper. We should never, ever get too comfortable though. The other side has plenty of money and no compunction about dirty tricks. You don't have to live in Wisconsin to help out. Check out We Are Wisconsin's website.

We learned about Bowzer from the tweetosphere. @ValCleveland tweeted:
Recall Phone Bank w/Bowzer of Sha na na NO JOKE! 7/19 @ 5:00-8:00PM 480 N Main St. Oshkosh http://t.co/TsNvcKX #wiunion #wireca
If you're wondering which one is Bowzer, he was described by Wikipedia as "a gangly slender-armed greaser in a muscle shirt." His real name is John Bauman and he's no stranger to politics. Wikipedia also tells us:
Bauman has spoken on behalf of musicians who are upset about contemporary groups who use classic groups' names even though none of the members performed on any of the albums. Supporters include Charlie Thomas of The Drifters, Mary Wilson of The Supremes, and Carl Gardner of The Coasters. Before his death, Drifter Bill Pinkney was also a supporter. Bauman has also helped pass legislation that would compel any group using the name of a classic group to have at least one of the original members. The measure is known as the Truth in Music Act.