Thursday, July 28, 2011

Truck hauling $1M in cocaine (from guess where) stopped in AL

A semi-tractor trailer hauling nearly $1 million worth of cocaine was stopped in Leeds, Ala., late on Friday night.

Law enforcement officials believe the cocaine originated in Mexico, according to The Birmingham News.

We're wondering if the drug bust reinforces the Transportation Department's idea that opening the border to Mexican trucks is a good idea.

Reports the News:
Deputies discovered a false compartment in the front part of the trailer that held the bundles of cocaine. Christian said the cocaine has a street value of almost $1 million.
Two Texas men were taken into custody and questioned but have refused to cooperate.

Authorities said they believe the cocaine originated in Mexico, but they don't know where it was headed.
"We had hoped to get cooperation from these two suspects and get to the heart of the real players in this cocaine trafficking. This is a significant amount that was headed for the streets somewhere," Sheriff Mike Hale said. "As usual, the mules would rather go to prison than face consequences from a drug cartel."