Friday, July 8, 2011

1st WI recall 4 days away

Lots going on in Wisconsin in the runup to the recall primary that pits fake Democrats against real Democrats. To your left is a handy guide to the elections. And here's today's recall news:

Real Democrat state Senate candidate Sandy Pasch has an ad up, attacking Republican state Sen. Alberta Not-so-Darling for supporting Paul Ryan's insane plan to kill Medicare.

More than a third of Republican state Sen. randy Randy Hopper's campaign funds came from 11 donors who each gave him $1,000. His real Democratic opponent, Jessica King, got more than 9,600 donations, of which many were less than $10.

And here's a charming detail: because of a quirk in Wisconsin's election laws, five of the six Republican state senators being recalled could and did receive unlimited campaign contributions while writing the state's budget.

Our Teamster brother state Sen. Dave Hansen is being smeared by opponents who claim, without evidence, that he illegally accepted campaign contributions while in Illinois. Hansen doesn't face a primary opponent; he goes up against deadbeat David VanderLeest on July 19.

However, one of Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker's supporters who broke campaign finance law -- his name is William Gardner -- got two years' probation.  And as we noted yesterday, 10 supporters of the hacktacular governor are also accused of breaking campaign finance law.

Call us cautiously optimistic about these recalls. If you want to help out, go to the candidates' web sites or check out