Sunday, July 24, 2011

VIDEO: What WI recall is about

Defend Wisconsin is a little steamed because the challengers in the recall election are getting off message. Writes Defend Wisconsin,
(Campaign) Strategies ... center too heavily on numbers and particulars. The advertisements we see are the typical "Senator so-and-so voted to cut this and take away that, and he gave this and that state resource to special interests", and so on. These types of ads can be perfect when the public is uninformed about a candidate and electorate needs to be educated and engaged. That is not the case we have in Wisconsin today.
We're with Defend Wisconsin so far. And we agree with this:
It is time for strong, unambiguous messages that remind voters what this election is really about ...
But we don't quite agree that the recall is ONLY about Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker. Writes Defend Wisconsin:
It is about the fact that these Senators support Governor Scott Walker who is busy destroying the fabric of our society while following the blueprint of a national think tank that provides "model legislation" which has nothing to do with solving Wisconsin needs and instead only thinks about that which it's corporate donors support but even that is too complicated.
We don't think the recalls are about just one politician. We think they're about ALL the corporate-backed politicians who are destroying the fabric of our society. We think it's about a movement. A new movement with the clear, unambiguous goal of limiting the power of corporations and billionaires -- and the politicians they own -- in order to restore the middle class.

Let's face it, the current crop of elected representatives throughout America has bitterly disappointed everyone but Wall Street billionaires and corporate CEOs. So many of them are complicit in unraveling our society and destroying public purpose. Too well-worn is the path to power and riches by way of attacking workers.

If there's hope for the future, it may just be Wisconsin. There during the winter we saw the birth of a new movement at the Capitol: students, government workers, unions, elders, veterans. They all understood that the attack on collective bargaining rights was an attack on the middle class -- just as the cuts to education, voter suppression and privatization are attacks on the middle class. The challenge in the coming weeks is for that new coalition to defeat the six extremist state senators who support that agenda. And then to carry that momentum to defeat Koch whore Scott Walker next year. And then to go beyond Wisconsin and defeat the Kasichs, the Scotts, the LePages and every Washington politician whose loyalty is to the dollar and not to the people.

Wisconsin's recall elections could be as important in putting this country back on the right path as -- well, the Boston Tea Party was in starting the American Revolution. (And please remember, the point of that Tea Party was to oppose a tax giveaway to a multinational, the Dutch East India Company.)

We hope the recalls give birth to a new generation of political leadership -- one that has a clear, unambiguous goal of restoring the middle class, limiting corporate power and ending the War on Workers.

(Oh, and we agree with something else: This is a terrific ad.)