Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More on what the typing Koch monkeys are pooping out

Every day we learn more about corporate America's shadow government, the Koch-funded American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC. Just recently hundreds of leaked documents about ALEC were posted onto a new ALEC Exposed website. Today we find there's another new website that exposes just how far ALEC tentacles reach into Cheddarland. Every state should have one.

ALEC has been in the shadows for a long, long time. It has written untold numbers of state laws privatizing prisons and turnpikes, depriving people of the vote, weakening unions. Now it seems whole armies of people are digging into recently leaked documents about ALEC in order to shine a light on the group's attempt to destroy the middle class.

Nobody does it better than Wonkette, though. The Beltway blog picked up on the story that Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker got a Voter ID law passed and then started to shut down DMVs in Democratic districts. Writes Wonkette: 
Evil corporate lackey Scott Walker recently got a memo on his desk from the fringe conservative Koch-funded  American Legislative Exchange Council, an organization that drafts bills for GOP lawmakers who are too stupid or too lazy to pen the enormous quantities of the Kochs’ slobbering hate for the poor into formal legislative proposals. The memo that Walker got sent him some instructions like, “there are too many minority people and students voting in your state,” along with the text of a voter ID bill pooped out by the typing monkeys from the Koch offices.
And, as is often the case with Wonkette, the coments are as funny as the blog posting itself:
Scott Walker: "I am not doing that thing which you just caught me doing."
The next phase is to have all DMV offices located at country clubs` in the Members Only area.
Your move, Rick Scott.

You don't want to be out-evil henchmaned, do you?