Monday, July 18, 2011

The world is watching WI recall elections

...But that doesn't mean every voter who lives in our Teamster brother Dave Hansen's district shouldn't get out and cast a ballot tomorrow (if they haven't already). Teamsters vowed to hold the line for the middle class in Wisconsin, and that's exactly what these recalls are all about.

The whole world may not be aware that one senate Democrat faces the first recall election tomorrow,  or that more recall elections will take place over the next month. But the world is watching as middle-class citizens fight back against a brazen power grab by corporate-backed politicians in Wisconsin. These recalls are setting the stage for the recall of Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker in 168 days.  They will probably also result in Democrats retaking the majority in Wisconsin's state senate, which means Walker's radical attacks on working families are likely to be checked.

Blogging Blue reports that Wisconsin Republicans are already spinning the expected Hansen victory as well as the Democrats retaking the Senate:
The right-wing Cheddarsphere has already started doing damage control for the upcoming recall elections. Not just the fiasco that is David Vanderleest, but the very real possibility probability that the democrats will retake the Wisconsin Senate. Dave Hansen should cruise to an easy win, heaven help the United States if he doesn’t.
And in related recall news, Walker has been caught in another lie by Politifact Wisconsin. Politifact tells us Walker claimed in a July 7 column that "
Under our (2011-’13) budget, the average (Wisconsin) property taxpayer will save $700.
Politifact says the truth is:
The state’s nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau projects the typical homeowner would see a $55 increase in two years compared with 2010.