Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Walker arrives 2 hrs early to avoid protesters in Kenosha

Koch whore Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was scheduled to appear at the Shalom Center food pantry in Kenosha at 1 p.m. today. The inevitable protest was made public, so Walker gave them the slip and showed up two hours early.

angieaker1979 explained what happened in comments below the video:
There were about a hundred who showed up but many did leave when they found out the governor had left already. Around 50 stayed and gathered peacefully. Many more were on their way from further away or who were trying to get out of work early--we told them early on that Walker flew the coop so that no one had to hurry. They all came out throughout the day to drop off their donations, anyway.
Here's one protester's take on Walker:
Not bein' man enough to face us.
Said another:
We're calling him on his hypocrisy. He's making all these cuts to the middle class, and he's hurting the poor, and then he's going to come and patronize them by standing here and acting like he supports the food pantry and cares about them.

We're not going to go away.