Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WI Recall: Poll shows there's still lots of work to do

Too young to vote for Shelly Moore, who's challenging Subsidy Sheila.
DailyKos just came out with a new poll on the Wisconsin recalls, and it's looking good. But not good enough. There's lots more to be done before Aug. 9. That's when six Teamster-endorsed candidates stand for election against the Republican state senators who support Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker's agenda to destroy the middle class.
Here's Daily Kos's David Nir on the new poll, which
...shows Democrats with a big lead in one race, narrow leads in two races, and trailing by five points or less in three races.
Democratic Rep. Fred Clark has a narrow lead over state Sen. Lex Luther Olsen. Democrats Sandy Pasch and Nancy Nusbaum are slightly behind state Sen. Alberta Not-so-Darling (who's getting a ton of money from Club for Growth) and state Sen. Cowardly Rob Cowles, respectively.

In the other three races, DailyKos reported Jennifer Shilling had a lead over state Sen. Dan Hanky-Kapanke, Jessica King was beating randy Sen. Randy Hopper, and Shelly Moore was behind state Sen. Subsidy Sheila Harsdorf.

It would be great if we could kick all six of them out of office, and then of course send Walker and his family back to Wauwatosa. (We LOVE the idea of the Teamster truck hauling the Walkers and their possessions out of the Governors' Mansion). But as you can see these races are close. And remember, the corporate CEOs and the billionaires will spend millions to prop up their puppets in the Wisconsin Legislature. Walker himself is getting into the act.

Associated Press reports Walker
...on Tuesday he sent an e-mail personally asking Republican donors to back the campaigns and prevent the Democrats from winning a majority in the Senate.

Walker calls the Republican senators “brave” in the email, saying they “stood up to the public employee union bosses and did the right thing.”