Thursday, July 21, 2011

Woo-hoo! We're winning in WI!!

Daily Kos just posted this poll that shows Teamster-endorsed Fred Clark ahead of Sen. Lex Luther Olsen, who's been voting to destroy Wisconsin's middle class.

Chris Bowers reports,
The bottom line is that the Wisconsin recall campaigns are extremely close, but Democrats are winning. This is going to come right down to the end.
(Remember, the other side will throw a ton of money at these campaigns, gear up their giant propaganda machine and pull some dirty tricks. So we can't get too comfortable.)

Clark is two points ahead of Olsen, according to the Mellman Group for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. The poll was taken on July 18-19, with a margin of error of five points. In May, Clark was behind Olsen in may by 38-43.

Read the whole post here.  And do what you can to help in Wisconsin. The whole world is watching!