Sunday, July 17, 2011

WI GOP fundraiser disrupted by floating protest

Here's the first photo of this evening's floating protest of the Wisconsin Republican fundraiser on Lake Geneva. 

(If you're new to this story, there's a small navy of recreational boaters in Wisconsin who conduct waterborne protests of Koch whore Scott Walker and other anti-middle-class politicians. Today, Wisconsin Republicans held a fundraiser aboard a steamboat on Lake Geneva, and the Wisconsin flotilla was there protesting such officeholders as premium-wine enthusiast Paul Ryan.)

We learn from the tweetosphere (mostly from @BatmanWI) that the protest was joined by 25 people on the dock and three boats (motorboats, we assume) plus a half dozen kayaks. The police showed up in boats and, we're told, tried to shoo the protesters away. According to one tweet, the protesters distracted a police boat by pointing out a naked dude on shore.

Here are some tweets that tell the story of tonight's protest:
@BatmanWI: Flying a big banner that says tax the rich and rich is crossed out and it says "eat" under it. #wiunion #wiflotill
@BatmanWI: Police boats are surrounding us and trying to keep us further away #wiunion #wiflotilla
@BatmanWI Thank god for the thin blue line keeping AFSCME signs out of GOP photographs. #wiflotilla
@BatmanWI: Got rid of the one police boat left by pointing out a naked dude on a boat. No joke. #wiunion #wiflotilla
@BatmanWI: We're seriously driving around trying to get the cops off our backs. #wiunion #wiflotilla
@BatmanWI: Once the cops left we pulled out the megaphone and started chanting. #wiunion #wiflotilla
@BatmanWI: Out boat broke. Some nice ladies who heard us chanting "recall Walker" are towing us in. #wiunion #wiflotill
@BatmanWI: Still stuck on the lake. Rescue boat is on the way... Hopefully we get back before the GOP boat gets back. #wiunion #wiflotilla