Friday, July 22, 2011

Concord NH must be so proud of its rep

Rep. Lynne Blankenbeker, a Republican from Concord, NH, sent an email to her 399 colleagues in the state House of Representatives joking about aiming a gun at unions.

A New Hampshire House Democrat sent the email to Politico, which posted the whole thing. In it, she describes her visit to Fort Dix in New Jersey. Here's the choice part:
Today I got to be the gunner which was fun. The .50cal is quite a gun! I was never ascared of the unions but they better not F#%k with me again!!! Just saying.
If you'd like to learn more about Rep. Blankenbeker, watch the video above. It's a bit long -- 12 minutes -- but it's pretty funny. It shows two SEASEIU local leaders confronting her outside of her house. Blankenbeker starts off by claiming the union members are standing on her lawn. They're not. Then it goes dowwnhill.

Some highlights:
  • She said New Hampshire's right-to-work bill is exactly what unions asked for (Hah!)
  • Supported reducing retiree benefits and then claimed she didn't.
  • Voted for the lowest minimum wage possible and opposed a bill to increase the minimum wage.
  • Voted for $80 million in corporate tax giveaways.
Charming, eh? Here's one more tidbit about Rep. Blankenbeker: She doubts Osama bin Laden was killed.