Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Supporters turning out in droves for Hansen in WI recall

The GOTV effort for Dave Hansen.
Appleton Wonk at bluecheddar tells us political activity is white hot in Wisconsin as volunteers are coming out in droves to support our Teamster brother Dave Hansen.

Turnout appears to be heavy in the Green Bay area. We learn from the tweetosphere that the line to vote in Marinette was nearly out the door.

We posted that the world is watching this election on the Teamsters Facebook page. Adam Clarke commented:
We sure are. -- Tasmania, Australia
Reports Appleton Wonk:

Incumbent Democrat Dave Hansen is facing Republican David Vanderleest in the first general recall election. It’s “all hands on deck” as people are coming out in droves to support Senator Hansen. There’s still time to help Dave Hansen. Simply show up at the Democratic office at 1061 W. Mason St. in Green Bay. @gbneal59 has assured me that “helping hands are always welcome."
Last night the Fox Cities Organizing for America teams held a GOTV for Dave Hansen as part of their monthly meeting. At the end of the evening 1,088 calls were made by 29 volunteers.
We like what Nancy Nusbaum said at the GOTV. (She's running against Cowardly Rob Cowles.)
You are here making sure that Dave Hansen's victory is the wind in the sails for other elections that will follow.
Even Walker is predicting a GOP defeat.

Some tweets from the tweetopsphere:

Voted. Was no. 230 out of 1500. Lady leaving the polls w me: "it's so hot it's going to melt the ballots." #wirecall
The House of Labor is on fire in #Wisconsin! But fire fighters from across the State are here to put the fire out! #wiunion #1u #wipolitics
So happy to see some of my Green Bay friends talking about voting on Facebook. Go Dave Hansen! #wirecall #wiunion
EXCELLENT! #GreenBay, get to all the seniors you know, find out who needs a ride to the polls! #WIUnion #WI #FliptheSenate 
The line to vote in Marinette nearly goes out the door this early on in the #WIrecall election.