Friday, July 29, 2011

Koch-linked group makes $150K ad buy in WI recalls

State Sen. Dave Hansen, who just beat back a recall effort (by a mile) spoke to his Teamster brothers and sisters at Joint Council 39 in Wisconsin last night about the upcoming elections.

And there's lots of recall news.

Today One Wisconsin Now reports the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity
...has just purchased over $150,000 in television ad time for Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee in what could be a new wave of spending to try and save the six Republican state Senators who are being recalled for their support of Gov. Scott Walker’s reckless attacks on public education, health care, workers’ rights and the middle class. This is in addition to $380,000 Americans for Prosperity previously spent this year to support Walker’s agenda.
And now the social conservatives have entered the fray, trying to muddy the waters by making the election about cultural issues. Reports Greg Sargent at the Washington Post,
In a development that raises the stakes in the Wiconsin recall fight, a number of religious conservative groups — anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, and pro-intelligent design organizations — have quietly joined the fray in Wisconsin, blanketing the state with flyers and TV ads backing GOP recall targets and aggressively attacking their Dem challengers.
There are tons of ads being aired in Wisconsin for both the Aug. 9 recall of the six Republican state senators and the Aug. 16 recall of the two remaining Democratic state senators. For a handy guide to all of them, click here.

The polls are looking good for the good guys (the Teamster-endorsed candidates, that is), thanks to the hard work of hundreds of volunteers. Yesterday, the umbrella group for the recall effort announced 
We Are Wisconsin made our 1,000,000th attempt to talk to targeted voters in these state senate districts. You read that right —11,539 volunteers and staff have knocked on 363,916 doors and made 688,560 phone calls to reach 1,052,476 contacts.
If you want to help out and make sure we recall 'em all, go to the website.