Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WI RECALL: Is Walker losing it?

Here's a must-read from the Cap Times on the Wisconsin recalls. It starts off strong and then paints a grim picture for Republicans who support Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker's anti-middle-class agenda. Reports the Cap Times:
The recall primary and general election results have shaken the confidence of Gov. Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans — so much so that the governor was on right-wing talk radio last week decrying his critics as “almost anarchists.”

Is Walker losing it? Perhaps.

Is he right to be worried? Absolutely.
Read the whole thing here. It'll do your heart good.

And we also like this piece from Jim Worth at the Huffington Post:
Wisconsin is truly the turning point for democracy and its survival.
The battle Wisconsinites are waging, against a subversive government, must also be waged in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida with the same tenacity and synergy that the voters of Wisconsin have marshaled.
No government should be allowed to usurp its citizens' individual freedoms.
The strength shown by 'the people' of Wisconsin must serve as an example of what the authors of the Constitution envisioned; in fact it is exactly what they intended.
Every hard-working American has a role in the battle in the Badger State, and will, also, when the struggle moves to other states.
Together let's work for the outcome in Wisconsin where 'the people' win; a clear and decisive victory for democracy.
You can read the whole post here.