Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Workers stream into IN Statehouse as crowd limit rescinded

These Teamsters from Local 135 were among the first into the Indiana Capitol today.
Woo-hoo! Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels changed his mind about limiting access to the Indianapolis Capitol. Three entrances have been opened and workers are streaming in. Lines to get in are wrapped around the block, our sources tell us. It's the opening battle against right-to-work for less in Indiana as the Legislature convenes for the first time this year.

WISH-TV reports:
Gov. Mitch Daniels says a controversial decision to limit the number of people allowed in the Indiana Statehouse has been rescinded.
Daniels called a last-minute news conference on the topic Wednesday, after days of debate.
Officials had updated the Statehouse security policy to only allow 3,000 people in the Statehouse at any time, including employees. Critics said the policy was aimed at protesters, including those opposed to right-to-work legislation.
Daniels said Wednesday that security will be constantly monitored. He also said Democrats and media coverage of the change influenced the decision to change the policy back. 
@Hoosierville tweets:
On bus to #indiana statehouse They may lock us out, but they won't shut us up. #inunion #P2 #INSenateGOP
And this from @eatingwords:
There is power in a union! #inunion “@marybschneider: Gov rescinds security policy at statehouse”
Finaly, from @tjwick:
Waiting to get in the statehouse. RTW round 2. #inunion #iamaw